Beer is a product characterized by a remarkable variety of types, technically defined as "styles". The "style" is the identity card of the beer and defines a number of parameters such as color, taste, alcohol content, ingredients, production method, recipe, history and origins. The analytical study of beer typologies is a modern phenomenon, but the differentiation of beers is very ancient, which began around 2000 BC, and is widely spread in history and in various cultures.

Its origins make it one of the oldest and richest in history; a story that is intertwined with the destinies of the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia and the neighboring regions. In Italy it was a limited consumer product until at least the mid-nineteenth century. It became common since the 1960s, with the development of modern organized distribution.

Beer is nowadays the original and analogical social network par excellence, has been bringing people together for thousands of years and is Turci Beverage's core business. We can range, in bottles and drums, from international brands to homemade craft beers, up to more niche productions.

Among these, the Queen of beers is certainly Viola Beerstrong>, the brand conceived by Maurizio Arduini in 2010 which is today more than a beer and has become lifestyle appreciated throughout Italy and in many other countries of the world (

Different styles, only one passion.

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